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Philadelphia Solar Training Courses

Philadelphia Solar Training courses increases your knowledge, skills, and performance in the solar Energy field and its applications. Our training courses offer participants interactive exercises and solar resources in a format that combines learning with classroom sessions and practice. Our training programs, exercises and sessions reinforce learner’s knowledge with the foundations of PV and Solar Energy Concepts and principles Our Photovoltaic courses are mainly for companies and engineers who have interest with photovoltaic systems. Upon successful completion, students will understand the basic principles to follow when designing a quality PV System, know Typical System Components, mounting options, Estimating Electrical Energy Savings, General Recommendations, provide tools and guidelines and Warranties. Students also will also be awarded a Certificate of training In Pv Design and Installation at the end of the course.

Course Description and Outline:

Session 1 Overview of Solar Systems
Session 2 Off-Grids Systems
Session 3 On-grid Systems
Session 4 Solar Pumping Systems & Solar Street lighting systems
Session 5 Installation, Operating and troubleshooting of Photovoltaic systems

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For more information about training schedules and classes: Please contact training@philadelphia-solar.com.

For more information, please download Training Profile