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Philadelphia Solar the First and Only Distributors in JORDAN for:

Partner: LORENTZ
Country: GERMANY
Item: Solar Pumps
Partner: DEKA East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Country: USA
Item: MK Deka Battery
Partner: Phocos
Country: GERMANY
Item: Solar lighting lamps and charge controllers
Partner: GoldenKayi
Country: CHINA
Item: LED Solar Street lighting lamps and Energy Saving Lamps.
Partner: SMA Solar Technology
Country: GERMANY
Item: On-Grid Inverter
Partner: Trojan Battery Company
Country: USA
Item: Battery
Partner: Morningstar Corporation
Country: USA
Item: Charge Controllers
Partner: Power One
Country: Italy
Item: On-Grid Inverter

For further information about products and orders please contact: sales@philadelphia-solar.com